Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped: Top Ways To Fix The Error Message On Android (Video Attached)

Unfortunately, Contacts Has Stopped. How To Fix

Are you an Android user, have you ever come across this android error message "Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped". Perhaps you have, perhaps you have not but this Unfortunately contact has Stopped message happens mostly on android devices. Most of these Contacts Has Stopped issues arise via Google's local storage cache stores to speed up the process of re-downloading from Google servers and lower the load, or when a secondary app/configurations get unstable. Another scenario where android users experience this Contacts Has Stopped Error message is in the case of a user trying to get a phone call or open their phone. But in obvious cases, the error occurs when the device is being used.

Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped

What To Do When Unfortunately Contact Has Stopped Appear?

I am going to attach on this tutorial Unfortunately, contacts has stopped working Video to help you in solving this problem if ever need be that you will have to watch it.

Errors are typically filled in when the servers and system are out of sync, an example will be if anything has been changed on the server and the device still looks into its local storage (cache). This is perhaps confusing but by the end of the tutorial on how to solve contact has stopped error message, you will understand it all.

In this post, for the most possible reasons which cause the Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped error, I will describe the fast solutions.

6 Ways: How Do I Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped?

To fix this "Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Error on Android" on your mobile devices, you just need to take the procedures below.

With the Samsung Galaxy series Users like Samsung S9, Samsung J1, Samsung J2, and Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung users reported the issue "Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped." I want you to note that this below solutions also takes effect to all model of Android phone. 

1: Clear Contact data from App manager

  • Go to Setting.
  • Navigate to App / Application manager.
  • Open-up ‘ALL’ tab.
  • A list of all the applications will be displayed.
  • Search and tap the ‘Contacts’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Clear data’ button.
  • Navigate back to the applications list.
  • Now, search and tap the ‘Contacts Storage’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Clear data’ button.
  • Just Restart your smartphone, that’s all.

2: Clear System Partition Cache

  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • Press and Hold Volume UP, Power, and Home button at a time.
  • The phone will go into System Recovery mode.
  • Use Volume up and Volume down arrows to navigate across the screen.
  • Navigate to wipe cache partition option and use the Power button to confirm.
  • Restart your smartphone.

3: Reset app preferences

  • Go to Settings >> tap on Applications or Application Manager >> then Click on All.
  • Now click on the menu option (3 dots) displayed on the top-right side.
  • Tap on the Reset app preferences option.
  • Prompt will be displayed to confirm the reset and a message saying You will not lose any app data.
  • Confirm the reset by tapping the Reset Apps button.
  • Restart your mobile

4: Update your device software

Many instances this kind of error is usually to occur due to device software not being up to date. That means you need to upgrade your device software if it is outdated. Currently, upgrading your phone would also repair a variety of malware infections or viruses.

  • Go to Settings > About Device
  • Tap on Software Update

5: Run your device in Safe mode

Running your mobile in safe mode basically means figuring out if Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped occur  because of third-party software. Literally moving your phone in safe mode also implies that certain downloaded and installed apps will be deactivated and if the error does not occur in this mode then it is clear that the problem is due to the third-party apps installed on your device.

  • Press and hold the Power button until you see the power menu screen
  • After that release, the power button but continue to press and hold the Volume button where you will get the “Safe Mode” option
  • Tap on OK to confirm and your device will restart in “safe mode”

6: Factory Reset your smartphone

Kindly note: Please make a backup of your data, such as contacts, photos, some other personal data, etc while enforcing this process. This is one of the last attempts to fix those mistakes.

  • Go to Setting.
  • Navigate to the ‘Backup and Reset’ option.
  • Under the ‘Personal data’ section, tap on the ‘Factory data reset’ option.
  • A prompt will be displayed with a message saying all the data will be erased from your device memory including your accounts, data, settings, apps, music, etc.
  • Tap on the ‘Reset phone’ button.
  • After Restart, you will find your phone get reset and no data will be present on your phone.

Bottom line

These are the popular approaches I listed in this blog to help you cope with the mistake "Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped." All the strategies worked and I'm sure you're not going to face any trouble fixing the mistake.

                                           Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped Video Solution

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