Top 6 Proven Ways To Fix “There Was a Problem Parsing The Package Android” [100% Working]

There Was a Problem Parsing The Package Android

There was a problem parsing the package android is one of the pressing problems that most android users face while installing an app. Here we gathered some useful tricks to solve this problem " There was a problem parsing the package."

Android phones are seen as one of today's most common smartphones because it's cheaper than most other smartphones and Android devices have this user-friendly function.

There Was a Problem Parsing The Package Android

Having said that, Android devices do have an open-source and it has several factors why it's one of today's most famous smartphones. but that doesn't make it perfect because it still faces some depressing issues like there was a problem parsing the package, parse error, problem parsing package, problem parsing the package, there was a problem parsing the package android, there is a problem parsing the package, parsing error APK, parsing the package error solution, parse error meaning. Whichever language your android device speaks, we are going to fish them all out and find solutions to them. 

Android has a wide collection of apps. However, some problems parsing the package errors that occur kills joy. Today we're going to tackle one of those most common mistakes "problem parsing package error" faced by Android users who are having parsing error APK.

Parse Error

Android Parsing Error or Android problem parsing the package error is an error page or error message that often pops out when an app struggles and in the end fails to run on Android devices. The message itself is not very clear and there are several issues that may trigger it. 

You may want to know this, parse error meaning

Parse Error Meaning

The Parse Error Meaning, typically the parse error happens while you are attempting to install or run a third-party app on an Android phone. You will see a message like the one in the picture above. The error can also occur when attempting to install an app from the official Google Play Store, but this is less common. 

The error can also occur when attempting to install an app from the official Google Play Store, but this is less common. 

Why Do I Get a Parse Error?

Below are among the most likely reasons for parse error on Android: 

  • The app doesn't fit with your device. 
  • You do not have permission to install the app on your phone.
  • The file you're downloading is outdated, corrupted, or damaged
  • It prevents activation of your antivirus or security software. 
  • Changes have occurred on the app you are attempting to install 
  • Your Android device does have a problem

While troubleshooting, you obviously found that when you try to install an APK file, the problem parse package issues always come up. This parse error occurs mainly when installing the app directly from the play store and several times (for root users) even if you try to make adjustments to the manifest the file of the device, the package error still appears which shows the message as "there was a problem parsing the package" or "there was a problem while parsing the package" on the screen.

How Do I Fix Parsing Package Error On Android?

Parsing package error is Just an annoying Android error as you might have attempted multiple methods to delete it, but it always emerges. But just don't panic if there is indeed a problem, a solution does exist to correct parsing package error, and install the program without any problem.

Fixing "There was a problem parsing the package"

Whether you are searching for there is a problem parsing the package or parsing the package error solution, following the below guidelines, will help you succeed in stopping the problem.

1: Check manifested app APK file

What is an app manifest file?

An app manifest file means the apk file that is modified according to user requirements like some user can extract apk file to delete ads and render it apk file again, this file will be classified as a manifested file. People who have made modifications on the manifest file, this could be the factor why parsing error occurs.

Adjust the file Andriomanifest.xml to its default mode & check the file's name too. If the file's original name is "aap.apk" & if you renamed it as "app1.apk" then it could also cause an error such as "there was a problem parsing the package" If you have any coding experience, look into the software code if the coding has any problem.

2:  Enable USB debugging

Many people acknowledged that the USB debugging method worked to fix "there was a problem parsing the package"

To enable USB debugging:

  • Go to the settings >> Scroll down then, at last, you will see the option “About device” select it.
  • Look for the option “build number.”
  • Tap on “Build number” for 7 times.
  • You will see a message “you are now a developer.”
  • Once you enable to go back to settings
  • Choose “Developer options.”
  • Tick mark "USB debugging."

3: Corrupted App file

The problem parsing package error can even trigger because of the corrupted file. In this case, download and install a new, but full APK file.   This will help. 

I would suggest downloading from Google Play Store for the best option and making sure the file is completely downloaded. Since a partially downloaded file may also cause the error "there was a problem parsing the package"

4: Clear cache cookies of play store

One of the best choices is to clean out play store cache & cookies. It can help you to parse from the Google Play store itself when you have a problem.

  • Open google play store
  • Select sidebar & choose option “settings.”
  • In general settings, you will find out to “Clear local search history.” 

5: Download from play store

Often if you try to install the software directly from the website or third the party instead of downloading it from the play store, the parsing error occurs that displays on the screen the message "there was a problem parsing the package"

6: Check The App Compatibility 

Most times the "there was a problem parsing the package" occurs because some of the programs are totally not compatible with the operating system. This may not be fitting for your hardware device or your operating system. Try to install it on another Android device with the next edition of OS & better hardware specifications.

For example, if an application is intended for one version of the Android, JellyBean or KitKat, then often, due to incompatibility, it does not function on another version like Marshmallow.


I understand how infuriating it is to always see Parse Error on your mobile screen. Do not get panic with the "there was a problem parsing the package" message and try out the easy fixes above. I hope your issues will work out with those fixes. I'm sure this will benefit you if you follow the same process as I said.

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