Top 12 Best Selected Blogger AMP Free Templates To Step Up The Loading Speed Of Your Blogspot Blog

AMP Templates For Bloggers

The concept for making a website ranges from sharing your experience, from data to product or service promotion. Everyone has a different way of sharing their expertise and promoting their goods across websites online too. You should have a neat template, which must be SEO friendly, mobile-friendly, ready to load Adsense, and quick.   Let us just scope out the perfect AMP blogger templates you won't want to miss. In this post is the most common, perfect-selling, premium APM quality templates for a blogger for your firm, e-commerce, company, blog, and affiliate marketing platforms.
Blogger AMP Free Templates

What is the use of AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are super lightweight pages built to provide smartphone users with an extremely easy-to-read and more immersive lightning-fast interface. 

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page is a program implemented by Google to accelerate the maximum loading speed of a website, enabling users to receive relevant data on mobile devices swiftly. In simple terms, AMP is a way of building static content web pages allowing pages to be loaded (and pre-rendered in Google Search) far faster than standard HTML.

In October 2015 Google revealed its Accelerated Web Pages (AMP). This is a platform that allows you to create mobile pages for your website that are easy to load. This is an open-source platform designed specifically for you. AMP page also loads more easily at low internet speed and so readers don't have to wait for pages to be loaded. Thus, this new and powerful technology is embraced by most publishers, site owners, etc. 

AMP's most important advantage is that it isn't cutting ad sales. So essentially the AMP is a route for mobile devices to build quick-rendering websites. There are three fundamental features which the APM works; AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP CDN; Search engine optimization is also extremely important to the creation of the template that helps to improve traffic.

The AMP Blogger Template Free Download


GOOAMP Template

GooAMP Blogger Template is a template blogger free, premium blogger theme. GooAMP with Responsive Blogger Design is extremely designed to offer the best possible experience with pace and efficiency. This Blogger Template Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is suitable for several niches like world news, magazines, politics, entertainment, gaming, technology, travel and so much more. GooAMP Blogger Template is entirely customizable for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, etc.

DEMO         DOWNLOAD       

2. Semi AMP

Semi AMP is an SEO-friendly, responsive blogger template that has a mobile-friendly interface, Adsense-ready, famous post & related post widget, social sharing icons, responsive menu. The Semi AMP blogger template is particularly built for media websites, photo/video blog, gallery blog, etc.

                                   DEMO      DOWNLOAD 

3. Korve Template

Korve is a tidy, stylish, and unique personal blog template created especially for creative bloggers. It provides sleek, clog-free, and beautiful minimalist templates that will make your contents look fantastic on any computer. It's perfect for personal sites, lifestyle.

                             DEMO         DOWNLOAD  

4. Sahabat Blogger Free Template

Sahabat Amp-Quick Loading Blogger free Template by Gourab Design has a compulsory attribute, like responsive and SEO-friendly design. The color on the background is white, clear, and appears like a bird. It supports blogs that use Adsense to raise CTR.

                                   DEMO      DOWNLOAD

5. Vletters AMP Blogger Template

Vletters AMP Blogger Template

Vletters AMP Blogger Template is a ready-made template for Google Blogger on Accelerated Mobil Pages (AMP). With this highly optimized template for your blogger, it's a minimally trendy style, your website will load in just a few secs. The greatest part is that it's absolutely free for your consumption through our website. Just free download.

                          DEMO           DOWNLOAD

6. Blanterde AMP Free Blogger Template

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template is great for Personal Pages, Modern and Completely Responsive (try to resize your browser), And AMP Ready, 2 Homepage, 1 Column on Page and Static Page Column, Customize AMP panel, Sharing button, and more.

                                      DEMO     DOWNLOAD

7. Siniladom

Ikhwan Zubir developed the blogger template Siniladom AMP. This SEO-friendly blogger template consists of two columns with one sidebar on the right and 4 columns on the foot, which is simple to customize. It includes features such as a vertical drop-down menu, passed AMP Validator, color theme light base, breadcrumbs, Adsense ready, etc.


                                                  DEMO   DOWNLOAD

8. Maknyus

Raden Gino creates Maknyus AMP blogger design. This template has a clear, fast, and sensitive two-column design, ordered style, bright color. It covers features such as quick loading, compatibility with browsers, social networking, and SEO friendly web design, etc.

                                                           DEMO  DOWNLOAD 

9. BlogAMP

Basri Matindas originally created the BlogAMP Blogger template. It covers features such as fields of ready advertising, quick response, compact post body, fast page loading speed, etc. 

                                  DEMO             DOWNLOAD 

10. TheAMP

The AMP is a tidy, elegant, and personal Design blogger template. This is the most-used AMP blogger template on the internet lately. It's a very quick loading, Adsense ready, highly optimized SEO, and features a rich blogger template with AMP. It includes features such as the framework for commenting on Disqus, social buttons and common post widgets, etc.

DEMO         BUY NOW

11. Shopping AMP Blogger Template

Template Name: AMP Shopping 

Created by: Basri Matindas 

shopping AMP blogger template is designed to render shopping websites. So if you intend on building a shopping blog, you can use this template

Shopping AMP Blogger Template Features:

  • Designed for shopping websites
  • 2 header section(One for site pages & one for contact details)
  • Footer widget (3 columns)
  • Pagination ready
  • A featured section in the homepage for showing different categories
  • Breadcrumbs ready
  • Beautiful social media sharing buttons
  • Disques comment section
  • SEO optimized and mobile-friendly
  • Fully responsive

                                         DEMO           DOWNLOAD

12. SEONABIL Responsive Blogger Theme

Template Name: SEONABIL

Designed By: Goomsite

SEONABIL was a fully responsive blogger template with responsive ads sections for generating high revenue from AdSense ads. It covers features like the Disqus comment section, back to top button, etc


Simple blog design
Clean coded
Responsive ads section
Pagination ready
Back to top button
Adsense friendly
Social sharing buttons
SEO optimized
Author box widget available
Disques comment section
Floating navigation menu


Bottom line

Top 12 Best Selected Blogger AMP Free Templates To Step Up The Loading Speed Of Your Blogspot Blog

These AMP blogger templates will surely assist you to speed up the loading of your website and improve the output of your website 

I hope you find it useful and don't forget to share it with your colleagues.

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