All The Things You Need To Know About Wordfence Security [Choose Wordpress Security Plugin Wisely]

What is Wordfence security?

Wordfence security is a website security plugin that uses WordPress. It offers the site owners with different functionality and configuration options to secure their sites from infiltration. Wordfence contains an advanced firewall and malware scanner which was designed to secure WordPress from the initial concept. With the latest firewall rules, malware fingerprints, and suspicious IP addresses, Wordfence Threat Protection Feed Weapons want to maintain your website security.

Why Do I Need WordPress Security?

WordPress can be the strongest CMS but it's not flawless. It's shocking that a website based on WordPress can quickly be hacked. Your website may have vulnerabilities that cyber attackers are very well conscious of, but trust me, they don't ruin a single chance to manipulate a website to its root. Will you like that to be applicable to your website? Of course, nobody would want to.

Why then is Website Security Relevant? A compromised, hacked, or hijacked WordPress site can lead to significant harm to sales and credibility for your organization. Hackers can access user details, credentials, retrofit malware or even give out the ransomware to your users.

Wordfence Free Vs Premium

When you heard of the name "FREE" you should know that it has some limitations. the limitations, I would not give a brief detail about it. we will talk much about the premium version of this plugin. 

Wordfence Premium

Wordfence Premium works with an IP Blacklist and High-definition Security Protection

Below are some features Wordfence Premium Offer:

  • High-definition Security Protection

Wordfence premium sets Firewall rules and filter malware signatures that are modified in real-time, giving you comprehensive security towards cyber threat and automatic detection of malware attacks and loopholes.

  • IP Blacklist
Although, Wordfence users, both free and paid versions can authorize to engage in the Wordfence Security Network. By doing so, it helps Wordfence to monitor suspicious attacks activities on a broad number of websites through unique IP addresses. If Wordfence detects an inappropriate action of an IP address, they immediately execute an action by adding it to the Blacklist of Wordfence database. The IP Blacklist in Wordfence paid version absolutely blocks access from certain IP addresses to your website.

Know You This: Wordfence Free edition users can only automatically receive blocking of IP addresses involved in brute - force attacks, login threats used via the Wordfence Security Network. The Paid security plugin users can receive enhanced automated banning of IP addresses executing various complex cyber-attacks through the use of the Real-Time IP Blacklist features. You can learn more about the safety net for Wordfence.

  • Country Blocking

Country blocking comes with the premium or the paid version of Wordfence Plugin, which lets you limit access to various countries to your login page or the entire web. 


  • Premium Support
When you get the Wordfence premium version, you should expect to also get their premium support. They strive to answer all requests around office hours within 24hrs. Their premium support team each has a legal background and works collaboratively with programmers in Wordfence to guarantee timely and reliable resolution of.

 Should I use Wordfence?

If the question on your mind is if you should use Wordfence Plugin, I only want you to make that decision yourself. but before then, I want you to know that I am in no way affiliated with Wordfence. Another thing is that the Security plugin "WordFence" is a good choice for a simple WordPress security setup. But it isn't the best security plugin in WordPress.

What is the Wordfence Web application firewall?

The Wordfence Web Application Firewall is a firewall based on PHP, application level, that restricts malicious activity to your website. The Wordfence Web Application Firewall defends against many web-based attacks and a significant number of deliberately coordinated strikes on WordPress and WordPress themes and plugins.


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