Why Spend A lot Of Money Hiring An SEO Expert When You Can Do These Few Things Yourself?

What are The Best SEO Strategies?

One of the aspects I am mostly enjoying regarding SEO is that it never grows stale. All you need do is to keep yourself posted with the Google algorithm updates and make sure to adhere to the updates.

 SEO Expert

SEO It's a sector filled with highly qualified experts and thus it is very competitive because many of them have their own careers. But how do they succeed? are you also asking yourself the same question? 

How can I improve my SEO strategy?

On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

On-page SEO is nothing more than the content on your website. It involves techniques for optimizing a website on a single page. Such variables help search engines understand the content subject and see the website as a reliable source people would like to find.

We have the top three On-Page SEO strategies and the are;

1. Keyword research: 

Keyword research is a technique of uncovering the keywords which your target audience uses while searching. Keyword research is an important first step in user analysis to prepare both content marketing and paid search (pay-per-click) services for search engine optimization initiatives. Expert keyword researchers concentrate on the determination of keyword popularity, keyword complexity, and intensive search.

2. Content creation:

Publishing high-quality, target-keyword content

3. Keyword optimization:

You should also use keyword optimization techniques when posting a new post or article to help search engines understand what the content is about and increase the chances of ranking on the website.

SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Website

In the past few years, search engine optimization ( SEO) has increased, with the enhanced & widespread use of best SEO practices. Regardless of what type of business you are running big or small, if you rely solely on targeted organic traffic for your sales, you have to become an SEO certified or you'd have to hire an SEO specialist.

SEO has become a broad field and, in order to execute the best search strategies, it is increasingly important to learn more about other marketing hint variables. To become an SEO expert or an SEO Specialist, you need to do study, practice, and experience of course. Seekers are still willing to pay a higher salary to an SEO specialist who knows how to deal with the contest. So if you can execute a good SEO strategy and push their marketing channel to develop under your expert guidance then you can settle down and work as an SEO expert quite well.

Today SEO is a massive and most effective component of digital marketing. In other to avoid long talks, I am going to walk you through the basic things you need to know about SEO and how it works.

Recently I have spent a lot of money on search engine optimization techniques and having spent so much, I was pushed to learning those SEO techniques which most of the SEO experts use to aim Google first page.

1. Sources for keywords other than Google suggest

The first thing I discovered was that "the keywords have better sources than Google Suggest." At first, it wasn't clear to me because most programs use Google Suggest for their keywords. 

Amazon and eBay are much better sources of keywords if your site is an e-commerce site. Similarly, if your business is relying on YouTube traffic, you must use 'YouTube suggest' to research your keywords.

Besides these, there are several other outlets that you can use such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Alibaba, Wikipedia, and Ask.

2. Powerful Targeted Keyword For Traffic & Revenues

Find the most profitable keywords and try to Understand user intent to match keywords with your goals. 

You're probably starting a google search for "Best Android Phones 2021," If you're buying a phone.  When you've narrowed down to a list of phones you want, you're going to examine them individually with keywords such as "Moto Z Info" or "How many RAM and ROM a particular iPhone Has."

You will then search for "Best Price Moto Z" or "Samsung Galaxy Discount," after you know which phone you want. 

Today, as the rate for "iPhone Discount" than for "Best Android Phone 2021," the chances of a company making a deal are greater. If you run an e-commerce site that sells phones, the "Samsung Galaxy Discount" ranking is more profitable than the "Best Android Phone 2021" ranking.

3. Re-focusing SERP

Pay attention to Search Engine Result Page (SERP) features

Certified Seo specialists are no longer just looking at the number of searches every month. They also look at certain features of SERP that exclude traffic from organic listings. 

They do it because they are smart and know that trying to rank number 1 for keywords like that is wasteful. And when the rest of us are chasing pointless keywords with such high volume, they rank for keywords that do not have certain SERP features.

4. Try to Target non-optimized on-page keywords

Select keywords that have not been optimized for On-Page SEO

We do select keywords based on a high monthly search volume and these are very difficult to rank without a lot of backlinks being created. 

A much easier way would be to identify keywords for which no one has configured their websites. Then you can rank simply without creating backlinks for those.

To do so, search on Google for the keyword, then look at the top 10 results. You will then look at whether the results in the URL, title, meta summary, headings, and content contain the same keyword (or a variant). 

When such websites are not designed for this keyword, it is highly possible that you will rank on the first page simply by making sure that your content is tailored for this particular reason.


I want to belive that these few points I have made would help you achieve the best of SEO. Let us know if you have any further suggestions as regards to this.

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