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How Do I Enable AdSense On Blogger?

Google Adsense, not a must to have but highly recommended for those bloggers whose main aim is to make their money with Adsense. If you are reading this, I want to believe you are one of those who want to know how beginner bloggers make money or who want to know the fastest way to make money blogging or you want to know Google Adsense requirements for a blog.

Which ad Network Pays the Most?

Google AdSense is one of the world's largest ad show networks. It has almost 3 million advertisers and billions of clients. It's also amazingly important in facilitating web traffic.

Google AdSense is one of the world's most highly regarded ad networks and maintains its advertisers to strict performance standards. Such strict standards may sometimes seem unfair, but they are in order to make sure that only serious advertisers get engaged with Google AdSense.

But Google is not just dealing with websites, they are also serving Google ads to apps as well as other mobile-based schemes so you can reach the largest audience.
Google adsense
By using every web page Google AdSense offers publishers the highest CTR for their content. With Google AdSense, publisher/blogger is able to generate high daily revenue. This is the best ad networking platform any publisher would dream of monetizing their blog or website. This ad networking software helps you to personalize the placement of advertisements on your blog. Whenever any visitor clicks on the advertising put on the accepted site content, a certain percentage of the advertisement is paid out to the publisher. To have Google AdSense account & start earning money with Google AdSense, you have to learn, follow, and do some important stuff to get Google AdSense approval.

Today we will learn how you can get approved for Adsense, the most critical steps and items that work to get AdSense approval quickly as a blogger or as a web developer.

How Do I Get Approved For AdSense?

Google AdSense approval appears difficult to obtain because AdSense has implemented some stringent rules and policies. Google adheres to basic Adsense policies. You will also need to learn some specific terms & policies of Google AdSense when applying to the AdSense account.

It's been much challenging to just get Google Adsense approval. But you'll get approved successfully with appropriate regulation & checklist procedures for the Google AdSense account approval process. When you follow the rules in the ground correctly. 

Let us begin with the most important things you need to learn when applying for Google Adsense. Only follow the appropriate protocol and have Adsense approval. Beware of the issues discussed below before applying for Google AdSense.

How Can I Approve My Google AdSense Account?

1. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy matters the most if you wish to receive Google AdSense approval. The privacy policy explains what your blog is about. This explains what the readers will get on your blog or website. 

Getting a privacy policy ensures that you are only looking after your client. So make a single page & write on your own about your privacy policy or check for online support. Then place the connection on the home page before proceeding to apply for Google Adsense.

2. Connect With Webmaster Tools

The [Webmaster Tools] Google Analytics and Search Console are Google's best resources to help provide accurate information about the website. These two tools are very important for linking your web. It shows all the data for your site visits, how your content is reacted to by a guest, and also more, not just for you, but also for Google. It will help you boost efficiency on your web.

3. You publish better content

You should be informed that certain inappropriate forms of content are not allowed by the Google AdSense; such as adult/porn materials, unauthorized, pirated, hate violent or hacking material. Write material in an appropriate format just to get approval from Google Adsense.

4. Avoid Scraped Content

Content Scraping - Is it Legal to Scrape Data?

Web scraping otherwise refers to as content scraping or data scraping is nothing more than lifting and posting unique/original material from other websites. This method is illegal because it is performed without the original source or author's permission. Usually, web scrapers copy the full contents and pass it off as their own material.

Data scraping can be achieved by manual copying and pasting, at a simple stage. More advanced techniques include bots that are used in a matter of seconds to crawl websites and copy thousands of pages.

Web data scraping and crawling are not illegal, but it is essential to be moral when doing so. Do not step on the sites of other people without being empathetic. Know their web guidelines. Start reviewing the Terms of Service, and adhere to it by referring back to them as the original owner of the content. Google also put into consideration Content Scraping before approving any website for AdSense... For more clarifications, please Watch this

5. Make Sure your ads.txt files can be crawled

Make sure there are no formatting errors or invalid characters are present in the file.  Formatting errors, such as invalid white space characters, can be difficult to detect which can make it impossible for a crawler to read an ads.txt file, and therefore may result in a file being ignored. Read more from the Google Support platform for a clear understanding.


There are many websites out there with too many ideas on how to get AdSense approval for your website. In other to fill out the queries on the internet or to give all your questions meaningful answers, it's advisable to go through Google AdSense Youtube channels and get your desired questions and answers.

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