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Hey Dudes, if you're here, I want to assume two things; firstly, you want to know what protocols you should follow to cancel your Costco membership online or how to avoid the cancelation of your Costco online order. But before we dive into that, I would want us to get some pressing questions discussed. Questions like; 
How much do you have to spend to make Costco executive worth it? What is the difference between Costco Gold Star and executive membership? 

Are you considering being a member of Costco? Well, maybe you should.  Costco is a large store offering fairly solid discounted rates for buying, sure, in large quantities. 

COSTCO GOLD STAR is your basic membership for $60 that allows you to buy personal-use products at any Costco location worldwide and online at For a member of your household, one additional card is also offered without any extra cost. Membership is effective for one year and needs to be renewed every year.

COSTCO EXECUTIVE MEMBERSHIP costs $120 per year and the greatest advantage of becoming an Executive Member is the "rewards." What are those rewards? Okay, they don't give you a special medal modeled with Gold. Instead, however much you spent the previous year on qualified purchases, you get back 2 percent. Of course, Costco Executive Membership worth it if you can expend  more than 6,000 USD, let's say, 500 USD per month in a year at Costco, then your Executive Membership would pay for itself in "rewards." If you spend more than $3,000, the switch from the Gold Star Membership to Executive Membership is worth it.

Sum up, I propose that you go for the Executive Membership just if you are determined to join Costco and expect to expend more than $250 a month. If you plan to spend less then adhere to the Gold Star Member Plan

How to Cancel Costco Membership Online

You can achieve this by canceling your membership over the phone.
  1. Get hold of your Costco Membership Card: You will have to provide the Costco representative you are speaking to with the number on your card. You will as well need to respond to questions regarding your personal details, so make sure you've got your membership's address and telephone number that should be on file if they vary from your existing ones.
  2. Costco customer service Number is  1-800-774-2678, call them, but at first, You will arrive at an automated voice that lists options that you can select by either speaking or by using your keypad.
  3. Pay attention to the choice that says "membership." An option that includes "membership information," "member services," or something related also should be listed on the automated message. You will be asked to either speak or dial a number linked to this option, or to state the choice name out loud to pick it.
  4. Select the "Cancelation" option: Most probably you would be offered a new array of choices to choose from, and one should constitute cancellation. Speak or dial that option to choose. You can either receive additional guidance via automated messages or communicate with a representative from Costco. Follow the instructions to terminate your membership. You may have to say or type your 12-digits membership number, which will be clear on your membership card. In order to check your identity, you will also have to answer other questions.
  5. Request confirmation of cancellation: If you are still using the programmed message system, you should be provided with a confirmation request option. To get the confirmation sent to you, you may need to enter your home address or email address. If you are communicating at this stage with a representative, ask them to give you clarification and check that they have your current street address or email address.


Canceling your Costco membership is super fast, but if you have a Costco credit card you will get an extra smudge. 

Sadly, you will risk losing your Costco credit card if you cancel your membership. As per the terms and conditions of the Costco card: "If you do not retain your Costco membership, we can cancel your Card Account and participation in the Costco Cash Rewards Program."

How to Prevent Costco Online Order From Being Canceled

Online stores often cancel or postpone orders and it's not always clear why. Many people will approach the website, but others won't, and never will. The main reason they cancel every online order is alleged fraud and here are a few specific steps you can take to have trouble-free shopping online.
  1. Endeavor to not use a different address for billing and delivery, if possible: A mismatch of billing and shipping addresses is one of the major contributing factors of fraud, particularly when it's between two completely different states.
  2. If multiple addresses are required, please include the valid reason in the comments on the order: Very few of these orders would have a message, or if they do so, it's something vague and weird like "wow, I'm thrilled about your brand" or something, typically in a far worse English, that renders it even more apparent that it's a fraud. And it goes a long way to just composing One short line about why it doesn't fit. When you are buying something as a gift, simply write down that it is a gift to someone.
  3. Make sure you are using an email address which contains either a part of your name or initials: I recognize the fact that you wouldn't want to use a default email address in an effort to avoid spam, but if the address doesn't exist or the address looks strange, your online order might be canceled.  Particularly if other details are false and with the details provided there would be no way out to reach out to the individual for some confirmations.
  4. Switch the VPN off while ordering: If something in your order looks strange, your IP address from which the order form is put will be checked. When it states that it is an IP from another state or another region it effectively means that it is invalid. Falsified orders will also have IP addresses that don't suit where the order is billed or delivered to, so it's possible that the IP is either where the person with the stolen credit card is or the IP is only set to a random location in the US. Be it a valid order, it would usually be put close to either the bill or the ship to the location even from mobile because most people live close to where they work. This doesn't look very strange on mobile if the IP is slightly different anywhere, but desktop if the order isn't similar to anything it's a major red flag.

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