The Top Highest Paying Android Apps To Make Money You Didn't know Exist | New Earning App 2020

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What is the best Android app to make money?

I'll provide a list of the best money making app 2020? like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, and so on in this post. Such kinds of applications are highly paid smartphone applications that potentially give you money and bonuses. You just have to make really good use of your "mobile phone." This is what it is. And just by seating at home,  you can get free money.

Permit me to say that people waste their time trying a range of best free apps to make money, but here, on this day, I'm pushed to reveal to you fully tested best apps that make real money and using your own smartphone will gain you real cash and bonuses.
New Earning App 2020

Are There Really Android Apps That Pay You?

You are perhaps still in shock if actually there are android apps that pay. It can be done by doing some simple mobile techniques with apps that make these kinds of money.

Once you've got a smartphone, you can instantly make use of the best reward apps and receive free rewards like mobile recharge, free chat time, free promotional codes, special Paytm cash, Amazon Gift Voucher, Flipkart e-Gift Voucher, Paypal cash, and much more.

What Apps Pay You Instantly

I've mentioned not just the apps that will you instantly but also the apps that will give you full discounts and make money just by watching advertisements.

Before going on, I would like to share with you a certain background detail because a couple of years ago, the concept of the phone's mobile making money app was completely not invented. But due to the era of technology that we are into, there are tons of applications that are being created to make our lives easier. With thousands of different money-making applications and millions of users, the online industry has expanded rapidly into a multi-billion dollar market. So new apps will arrive daily and we'll update those here daily so don't forget to bookmark this page and keep checking to search for new apps to earn.

What Are The Highest Paying Apps?

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is an application that's convenient to use, saving you time while you shop. Download the app, make a qualifying purchase from any of its 1,500 retailers and you'll get back the money. Ibotta can also offer you cashback for in-store transactions.

2. Checkout 51
Checkout 51 is an app that makes money and sends you a rundown of deals every Thursday. So you have a week to go shopping for exactly those items. Upload a screenshot of your receipt after you have paid and the money will be credited to your account. If you have $20 in your wallet, you can claim your money through PayPal in the form of a check or deposit. Checkout 51 is an app that makes money and sends you a rundown of deals every Thursday. So you have a week to go shopping for exactly those items. Upload a screenshot of your receipt after you have paid and the money will be credited to your account. If you have $20 in your wallet, you can claim your money through PayPal in the form of a check or deposit.

3. Field Agent

If you have some time off while doing errands, then why not try out the Field Agent application. It's an app that can make money by filling out an order. Test the app for a place near you to see if there is an appeal.

4. Task Rabbit

The Task Rabbit app is helping to turn the DIY expertise into sales. Only sign up to be a tasker after downloading and installing the app. List your skills from buying, assembling furniture, painting, driving, cleaning, and list your rates in your profile. You can then use the app to see what career openings are available around you. Money shall be received via direct deposit upon completion of every job. Based on your skills and scores, Task Rabbit can be one of the best money-earning apps to try out.

5. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is one of the best apps for fast earning money. Take pictures of your receipts from anywhere from the grocery store to purchase appliances, and upload them after installing the app. You then receive coins for each receipt and the number of coins donated is dependent on the receipt's dollar amount. To cash out via PayPal you need at least 1000 coins.

Highest Paying Survey Apps 2020

What survey app pays the most?

Instead of spending the day binging the next huge show, take a little time to execute surveys on these apps which pay you. What you do is state your opinion on market research and help to influence goods and advertising. You'll be earning points in just a few moments, which turn into extra income for you. So who knows, you could just be deciding what goods are put on the market. 

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that pays you via PayPal. It is a convenient-to-use app with an online survey you can conduct anywhere, including when at the post office standing in line. The gained points can be turned into cash through PayPal.

2. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is somewhat distinct from many other survey apps, as it still awards points even though you are excluded from a survey. And referrals can also gain points. It's one of the easiest-to-use mobile apps for making money. You will cash out any Points you receive into your PayPal account.

3. My Points

My Points is a paying app that broadens how you can receive points in your PayPal account which can be turned into cash. Through taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, shopping at eligible retailers online, and playing video games you will gain points. With lots of different choices, this is one money paying app that will definitely cater to many users.

4. iPoll

iPoll is a simplified paid survey app that tells you to classify your favorite services and goods that you use. Points won can then be converted to a gift card issued by PayPal.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the widest accessible survey apps. You gain points by online purchases, watching videos, and completing surveys (like movie trailers). Then you can cash out your points in a PayPal gift card format.

Game Apps That Pay Real Money

What apps pay you real money to play games?

Ever been thinking about playing games with game apps that pay you real money

It's just too much fun playing games. All those gamers and want to be gamers out there can that profit from playing the games and earning money. It does not mean you're going to leave your job or spend lots of hours playing games. You can play games and win money to enrich your pocket even though you are waiting and sitting for your appointment, trying to pass the time.

This report does not promise $100000 per week, but there is a unique prize pool at various places. Since the company has the potential to gain, this is worthy of your attention.

Let's get started with the list of earn money online by playing games without investment apps.


Do you like to play mind games, such as chess, scrabble, or word games? If that's so, since you're bright enough, you'll find love with this app money-making game, as it gives you rewards. Surely this digital crossword game is the greatest game and rewards real money on the internet.

Starting to ask what makes this game so unique from others? This game is available online, unlike the ancient crosswords that were accessible on paperback. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

2. Bingo4Money

Bingo Online Win Real Money

These awesome games on Bingo games offer extra cash and jackpots to play on. About 300 games are available so that you can select according to your choice. The greatest part is when you register, you get $25. Check out the website HERE

3. Corporation Master

Corporate Master is the virtual economy game of real money. The income made from the game will be transformed into real cash. The Corporate Master checks your expertise in management and industry. Virtual currency is gained by doing this, including starting a business, being an investor, and working day after day.

4. Slingo

Slingo is an online money gaming site free to play and brings you real money. Since it provides free glove membership so you can compete with people all over the world. 

Many contests have a duration of one hour and cost approximately  5000 coins. The participant with the highest score wins the jackpot, and the one with the best cumulative score.

5. Gamezop

Searching for an amusing way to pass time? Gamezop is the perfect place to relieve yourself. No download is required, so you don't have to free up any space on your mobile. With  Paytm, you can cash out the money you've won.


You should have learned by now that there are countless apps that can help you win real cash. Remove the illusion that you are going to get a full-time salary from this (although it can). 

Give all of the apps mentioned and share your testimony... 

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