Is AdSense Still Profitable 2020? The Most Common Ways To Optimize Your AdSense Earnings You Will Like To Know

How Do I Optimize My AdSense Earnings? 

To become an AdSense publisher is a vision every blogger wishes to have. Getting a name as an AdSense publisher blogger grants every blogger a sense of pride. I'm not stating that it's too difficult to get big AdSense revenue, but I have to say that with appropriate approaches and spending at least a minimum of 10mins a day to maximize AdSense, you can definitely get your projected AdSense earnings with your existing traffic and boost them drastically. Only continue to read how you can improve your AdSense revenue in just 10 minutes a day.

How Much Money Can You Make From Ad Revenue?

Google AdSense is undoubtedly one of the best advertising platform options on the internet so far. As you notice, AdSense is the attribute of Google and it's really profitable being a part of it that gives the bloggers and online publishers strong revenues.

Most questions that people often ask as regards Google AdSense are; How do I increase my AdSense clicks? How can I increase my AdSense earnings? How do I increase my AdSense earnings on YouTube? How much does Google Adsense pay per click? What are the best strategies to improve AdSense revenue? Is AdSense still profitable 2020? etc

Google AdSense would be a money-making tool for you if your ad slots and ad designs work well enough. We've got out there a lot of webmasters who brought out time to boost their ad revenue without boosting their traffic, and in this article, these few tips I have, have the potential to multiply your AdSense revenue with existing traffic.

It really is a daunting challenge to get AdSense approval from Google but once the blogger accomplishes that, the next objective is to maximize AdSense revenue. As the top Ad network provider AdSense provides a comprehensive platform to benefit more from advertising. Compared with other ad networks it provides a wide range of ads and strong CPS prices.

 In recent times, it has become very demanding to earn good revenue through AdSense owing to fierce competition. You may get thousands of visitors every day but the money you get may not be up to that amount. It may be due to some AdSense money-making errors.

I listed here the easy approaches for growing AdSense income, I'll share my personal knowledge with AdSense I've gained over some years, and the revenue moves up to a reasonable amount.

How I increase my other website ad revenue is what I am going to share here. By making necessary modifications to AdSense's website design & account settings. Everyone can boost their AdSense ad revenue to 250%. Publishing an important AdSense manual for earning more profit with no additional work.

1. How to get your content in the perfect way to improve your earnings for Google AdSense

How to make money online with google for free - How do you get high CPC?

To get a high CPC value it is important to pick not only a suitable but highly paying keyword for the content. 

Writing on the hot topics and current issues that the audience would love to share is always advised. The subject of trending increases click-through-rate and therefore social shares. Likewise, it is also useful to report on trends and targeted keywords.

I recommend that you pick high CPC paying keywords when you're writing a blog post. These keyword specialties will drive traffic and will certainly give you a huge chance to make more AdSense money. Search for keywords with higher searches each month, and low competition. This way you're going to boost the traffic and so the revenue.

I'd recommend you consider the high paying keywords using Google Keyword planner.

2. Target United States, UK, and other Top Country's organic traffic

To make more money from AdSense account organic traffic is strongly recommended. AdSense ads work well and produce the best results if the traffic is primarily from the search engines and particularly if it is from the United States, UK. 

For effective content marketing, when writing the articles and creating posts for your blog, it is often advised to concentrate on the US and UK audiences. To boost the AdSense earnings you must be able to manage geo-targeted traffic.

You can see related ads on all your blog posts if your websites are searched and viewed by users from the U.S, UK countries. Your ad slots display ads related to other countries and related to them. It would boost the higher bid on your ad slots, and therefore the ad revenue. 

When you get big traffic from countries like the United Kingdom and the United States you would likely end up having high CPC.

3. Apply "AdSense For Search"

Google AdSense provides many ways to monetize the content, and one of them is "AdSense to Search." As with most pro bloggers, it's suggested to apply advantage of various kinds of ad techniques that AdSense account offers. The "AdSense for Search" is a free tool from AdSense itself, which enables users to create a Custom Search Engine to your website for the users browsing on your site to find the search or page results. It will enable you to get more money, as well as understanding the user.

What Is AdSense For Search? (afs)

Google AdSense for Search helps you to deliver Google Web search to your users directly from your site. By inserting an AdSense search box on your website, the search results pages will produce earnings from ad clicks made by the users.

4. Right Ads Placement

Just like the placement of the advertisement creates revenue, it's equally crucial where you paste the ad. It's also really necessary to show ads in the appropriate places.

Placing ads at the right location is often recommended to produce passive income and get more clicks. The best position for that is the top of the post. Assuming that visitors will not go to the bottom of the page for the entire time, it is the perfect place to display ads. So proceed to add one picture immediately after the title of the article. 

5. The Use of"text ads" & "image/rich ads"

Not only do picture ads draw more exposure to clicks & can produce better results, but text ads perform more prominently on some niche websites, according to many publishers.

Simply select and view either text ads or AdSense-derived image / rich media ads, or you can also select the recommended default option to allow AdSense to view all forms. So AdSense can view most successful advertising with the highest bid irrespective of the type of ad you choose to put on your web pages.

6. Embedding ads in between the content of the post

To maximize AdSense revenue, you need to insert AdSense ads in between blog posts, configuring the AdSense optimization-is always great.

Earning money with AdSense is one of the successful avenues for publishers, but in order to maximize AdSense earnings and practice to the maximum extent, you have to put the targeted ads in the correct spots on your site to maximize your CTR & CPM, which will boost your expected AdSense revenues. You can adjust and customize the design of ads that suit the background and color of the page perfectly.

In addition, increasing the size of "text ads" + "link ads" + "image ad" (300x250) + (720x 90 scale) will help improve your ad revenue.

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