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Get Traffic From Flipboard

Everyone has assured you that social media is so important for traffic generation, so you've spent far too much of your energy and attention working on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and SEO. But if you update each of your blog posts, those sources do not tend to push traffic. Just a tiny portion of what you created tends to click-through to your website.

What if I told you about a social media website that will not only attracts global traffic but also, you wouldn't even need a lot of followers to reap the rewards?

If you're frustrated by conventional social media results, start a Flipboard account.

What is Flipboard used for?

Flipboard is used as a free tool used by millions of people daily. With Flipboard, you can explore and share an update. Flipboard is a platform that works with publishers around the world, they are helping content creators reach out to new audiences who are enthusiastic about the subjects they cover.
There are too many purposes of Flipboard and they are;
  • Flipboard is eye-catching. People want to see things beautiful. Flipboard magazines have such an artistic appeal; people want to read them.
  • Users will customize the interface, as they are cataloging articles that are appealing to their preferences. And Flipboard has a smartphone app too.
  • Flipboard sends you Emails that you find fascinating while you sign in to the platform
Flipboard, which was launched some time ago as a magazine-style stream the reader has become one of the leading feed reading and content exploration solutions on multiple devices ( smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets).

Flipboard officially had 90 million users back in 2013, which is an impressive amount. Know, such users are individuals who use Flipboard to explore content and to read the content.

Flipboard was launched as a simple app to improve the reading experience of smartphone users. Flipboard has gone through numerous changes over the past couple of years and has become a full-fledged platform for users and for webmasters. I can't predict how much traffic you'd drive from Flipboard but give it a trial and share your testimony.

How do I add my blog to Flipboard?

Flipboard is following the path of the validated approach of modifying development (content curing) to bring it to the next point. They have evolved from becoming a basic content-reading app to being a more comprehensive reading device. Now, Flipboard lets you read content via your social media account, connect to any stream, and join any other generated subject. Most notably,  Flipboard allows you to build your own Flipboard magazine to curate content.

For the company, Flipboard's value lies in the versatility of following someone on Flipboard or following a magazine they make. The concept isn't original, but it's encouraging how Flipboard has incorporated these features into its app.

If you aren't new to content curation, it'll be as easy to set up with Flipboard magazine as anything you can think of. But if content curation is a strange topic for you, please permit  me to clarify tentatively:

Content curation is a strategy aimed at identifying and integrating the relevant web content at one location. You can do that on your website or blog, or use any of the online content curation websites.

Back to how to add my blog to Flipboard

Download and install the Flipboard app via your smartphone (or desktop) to start using Flipboard. The applications are available for iOS, Windows, and Android phones. If you are selecting to work on your laptop, go to Flipboard.comand build your profile.

Once you have built your profile on the website, you can pick the topics that you wish to follow. (They have over 34000 + topics as of 2016) 

I'd recommend you spend a bit of your time designing your profile and establishing your Flipboard app. Once all of this has been finalized the next objective is to make magazines in your clipboard account. Magazines are the concepts that you'd like to create that you are curating content on. I advise curating the relevant content from your niche and mixing your own content to propel traffic to the website as well. You can create a magazine with your brand name if you're a known brand because it would encourage more people to follow up on your brand updates on Flipboard.

How do I add magazines to Flipboard?

Click your profile to initiate the cycle of creating a Flipboard magazine, if you are using a mobile device. If you are running the desktop edition, go to and from there you can build your magazine.

Click the "Create Magazine" button and make up a catchy name for the niche you want. It is better to use a specific niche-focused on subjects, rather than a wide niche. For instance, "Blogger Affiliate Marketing" or "Google Adwords" will be far preferable to "Earn money Blogging," as a magazine name.

Use your Flipboard account to create any amount of magazines. I would advise you to create a few category-based magazines that you as well publish on your blog. this way you will not deviate from your niche.  And besides, curating content means defining oneself as a professional in a specific niche.

Now it is time to Curate Content on your Flipboard.

When you have finished making your magazines, the time has come to start curating content

With Flipboard Mobile Version, it a lot easier for a user to incorporate some content into a magazine that he has made. You can use their helpful bookmarklet to curate content from your web browser if you are operating on a laptop. Chrome users can benefit from its Chrome extension.

How do I get traffic on Flipboard?

If you've followed all of these steps, you're partway of having Flipboard work for you maximally. 

Next is the much more thrilling and demanding aspect of using Flipboard which would be constantly curated content. This is when you continue focusing to give the public a choice but to sign up for your newsletter or magazine, which by effective doing, Flipboard can continue running traffic to your blog or website.

Here are some valuable tips for you as you explore how to successfully curate content like a Professional

1. Having Evergreen Quality Content to Curate

I deeply believe in the value of evergreen quality content production. Your existing articles remain in force over time as you create evergreen content and therefore stay suitable for future readers. Since your material, and your magazine, are quality, useful & valuable, you will never have to scrap your existing content.

 If you have understood the idea of producing evergreen content, you will avoid the time-consuming task of ferreting away obsolete, time-sensitive material, as well as the time you spent in creating your posts which will profit you in no time. 

2. Pursue all related topics

To use Flipboard's content discovery function (crowdsourcing), obliged to follow all related topics that are of relevance to you. Also, check if there are any excellently-known people in your industry on Flipboard, and follow them to find out about quality content.

3. Make sure to always leave comments on posts

This is perhaps the much more underutilized strategy on Flipboard, but to bring further eye gazing to your Flipboard profile, you should use the comment feature. Flipboard allows you to leave a comment on any article you read, and your message is only available to Flipboard users. This strategy helps you to get more visitors to your Flipboard profile and turn them into followers.

4. Start promoting your Profile or Flipboard Magazine

Flipboard users can encounter you almost all of the time on the app itself (as well as on the desktop version), but you could still also expand your followers by the use of Flipboard buttons or by posting your generated Flipboard magazines on social media sites. To have more followers, you can insert Flipboard Magazine on your blog, or you can show a Flipboard follow icon. Also from here, you can get a "follow" badge for your profile or your magazine.


Is Flipboard Safe To Use?

Yes, Flipboard is safe to use. As a matter of fact, Flipboard is a rising outlet for viewers and editors. They have evolved from being a limited mobile application to having a web edition and I think they will only keep rising.

You'd really like to start using Flipboard right away, and although arranging it for your best advantage can take a while (depending on your popularity and curing quality), it will eventually help you gain traffic and visibility for your blog, company, or product.

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