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What are the easiest ways to get a country's Web traffic?

I've shared several unique ways of bringing traffic to a website, but as the majority of us learned, traffic from places like the U.S. and the U.K. Converts massively well. This is so because of the "conversion power" generally the performance of Google Adsense Revenue increase users from such end give to us. To a lot of individuals, targeting traffic from a particular country makes perfect sense. And the questions I know must follow up this "How".

How Can I get more traffic in the US?

I might potentially focus on attracting more U.S.-based traffic, but once I enumerate my market strategy for blogging, I remember that attracting the UAE audience is easier because it offers less competition and easier production capacity.

In UAE, there are few other websites that educate how to make a living in a logical way by writing a blog. In this case, I am proud to say that Uphulk has an edge in writing on that niche. I'm sure there's a lot of you (Even me) who blogs for money, so you might just want to attract traffic from different countries (such as the US). 

I will provide several insights in this article that will possibly assist you to boost traffic from your target country.

Of course, there's a simple way for an e-commerce website which is to buy country-specific traffic that really can work best for you but if you run a blog, it's highly recommended to take it naturally.

What Are The Different Ways Websites Get Country-Specific Traffic?

1. Google Search console Geo-Targeting

Webmaster Trends Analyst Susan Moskwa talks about how to connect a website with a particular location using the regional targeting feature in Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console). Kindly watch the video below

In order to throw more light on the above video, Google search console is a Google-free tool for bloggers and webmasters, which would be of great benefit to a country-specific traffic-seeking blogger or webmaster. With this tool,  you can set the country to which you want your site to be targeted, which will ensure you generate traffic from that selected country.

How do I target Specific country on Google Search Console?

If you are new to using the Google search console, please follow this illustration to get it done.

 Open your Google search Console>>> Legal Tools and reports>>>International Targeting

Select the countries you want to target.

2. Backlinks

When launching the Google Search, Google used backlinks to evaluate the content's popularity. A lot evolved over time but backlinks are still important. So targeting country-specific backlinks is a wise strategy.

For instance, if your intended audience is in the U.S., consider getting more backlinks from Websites located in the U.S. You will get country-based backlinks by taking full advantage of incentives for guest blogging, or by spending some time studying blog commenting. All methods have been tested and are Penguin-safe if performed correctly.

3. Submit Website To Local Search Engines & Directories

I have recently posted a list of sites aimed at a global audience for publishing your website.
You should send your website to the local search engines and local web directories for country-based traffic. It will ultimately become quite a viable technique to get country-specific backlinks and will become an essential factor in deciding your traffic geo-location.

4. Local SEO Using Google my business

When I mean local SEO, it does not refer to a generic blog however if you operate a business blog or an e-commerce website, it is indeed going to be really useful for Google. 

Claim your business in Google, and include all relevant details such as a website, phone number, etc.

Does Google My Business Help SEO?

An effective measure in any local SEO campaign is to declare and validate the Google My Business (GMB) listing for your local business. Being on Google My Business will improve the chances of featuring in Google's Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and in general organic rankings. 

If your Google My Business Listing has not yet been reported and checked, this is the first move to do so. Visit https:/www.google.com / Business to get started.

5. Domain Name Extension

Top-level domain extensions such as.com and.org typically rank higher on global search engines so acquiring a country-specific domain is often a good idea to make your blog or website target a particular country.


You can start conquering the world by taking these guidelines and trying to stick to this tactic of factors that can enable you to get country-specific traffic.

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