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WhatsApp is by far the most popular instant messaging app, and it receives a constant stream of updates for a valid reason, does have a longer range of features, and covers a wide variety of devices. There are already lots of chat apps available, but WhatsApp has feature sets and is highly commonly used. The Facebook-owned app estimates it has more than 2 billion users around the world, which obviously, is impressive.

WhatsApp continues to add a plethora of features and improvements to give its users a seamless messaging experience. Here are some of the latest and fewer known features you need to test now.  There are plenty of tricks to make your favorite instant Messager app more useful than ever, from removing the 'last seen' feature to bookmarking WhatsApp messages you don't need to overlook. You also got to at least be in the know.

Interestingly we've trawled every bit of WhatsApp for everyone to collect the most important features. Learn those helpful hints and in no time you'll become a pro.

We have summarily executed and mentioned some of the best hacks you certainly ought to learn to contribute to your WhatsApp buzz. Search below for these:

You Will Also Tell Whether Message Is Read Or Not Without a Blue Tick

One of the main features WhatsApp launched then was the Sent Message Blue ticks, which notifies the sender know whether or not the recipient had received the message. Any minute a certain message tick turns blue is an indication that the recipient has received and read the message sent.

Then when the feature was launched, the chat app experienced a lot of backlash for breaching the privacy of the individuals who really don't want the sender to realize when they've read the message sent or not, for any reason. WhatsApp has implemented the ability to toggle the blue ticks, or the ability to read notification, for all those users affected.

There may be countless reasons to turn off the WhatsApp blue ticks function, but on the other hand, it may also prove frustrating to the sender who is waiting for a response thinking the recipient is reading the message sooner or later. There is however a trick to operate around this feature to fully understand if the message is being read even with turned off blue ticks. What else? The recipient wouldn't even recognize whether you can see if the messages you are sending have been read or not.

The resulting trick is easy and holds several clear ways to send a response, and if you'd like to execute the trick, you're likely to be judged for the peculiar need to question someone's right to read or not read, and even answer or not answer you. The trick is that you can get uncomfortable if you keep doing it regularly with each person on your contact list, or just one person.

Nonetheless, this same trick is a tried and tested one and every time you want to pull it off it would work. So this is how to do it: 

Firstly, to shut on and off the Read Receipt function, open WhatsApp

Go to Settings >>Click Account>>Privacy>> click between both the Read Receipts header.

Make sure you read WhatsApp's disclaimer beneath to understand what you are doing.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature:

Whatsapp has finally released its Dark Mode functionality for Android and iOS users, after almost a decade of waiting. WhatsApp Dark Mode is now available for Beta-updated edition for the users of Android Whatsapp. The new Dark Mode on Whatsapp is raising users' curiosity in using it more than normal hours.

Is Simple to activate and deactivate the Dark Mode feature at any time. Only follow these actions to create the dark theme of WhatsApp

Just go to Settings >> Chat >> Theme >> Enable Options for Dark Theme, that is it! Now you can see WhatsApp's dark mode.

WhatsApp Font Typewriter:

Many of you are already in the know the bold, italics, and strike-through fonts that are readily available with a few modules on your chats, but it's difficult to locate the typewriter font. It requires some more attempt but if you really like the font and get everyone intrigued regarding your new discovery on your chat list, it is worth it.

Using the 'symbol three times on either side of the word to alter the font of your WhatsApp messages. ```grave```  for example. The icon should not be confused for and can be used on both Android and iOS keyboards.

WhatsApp Format Messages: Adjust font, Bold, Italic, Strikethrough

There is another way to put WhatsApp font into effect. in other to achieve that, 

Write your message>>> Highlight the message>>>Click on the 3 dotted lines>>> Select the Font you like

WhatsApp Font Typewriter
WhatsApp Font Tutorial
You can also use WhatsApp Font format tests manually as follows;

Pin Significant Chats

What does a pin mean on WhatsApp?

What does a pinned Chat mean on WhatsApp? WhatsApp's pin chat feature allows users to pin favorite chats atop the Chats tab. WhatsApp users can use the new feature to add up to three contacts on top of the rest of the chats.

You'll never have to stress about flipping through the massive list of messages to message your families or your close buddy with pinned chats. Users now can snap up to three of the most relevant group or person's chat to the top of their chat list for quick access.  Just tap and hold a conversation, and then click the pin icon at the top of your display.

How do I pin someone on WhatsApp?

Can I pin more than 3 chats WhatsApp? The pin chat feature lets you pin up to three different chats to the top of your chats list so you can see them easily.

On Android: Click and hold the pin chat, then click Pin chat. .
On iPhone: Swipe the chat that you want to pin to the right, then press Pin.

Unpin WhatsApp Chat Android

For Android Users: Click and hold the pinned chat, then Click on the Unpin Symbol .

How do I unpin a chat on WhatsApp iPhone?

For iPhone users, Swipe the pinned chat right, then press Unpin.

Put A Stop To WhatsApp Automatic Saving Images, Videos In Your Mobile Device:

How do I stop WhatsApp from saving photos automatically?

When you get frustrated seeing the photos that your buddies send you in the  Gallery archive of your mobile go to Setting >>> Chats>>> Click on the Media Visibility>>> Toggle the button to turn off.

Find Precisely When a Particular Person Is Reading Your Whatsapp Message

I know one of the most popular questions on the internet is Can someone see if you read their message on WhatsApp? let's find out.

Blue ticks will inform you your message has been read, but they do not tell you precisely when your contact reads the message. And here's how you can verify 

  • Long press on the particular message for which you wish to investigate. 
  • Press on this icon on the top bar and you'll see when your message is read by the user.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

These days, privacy is a big concern, and as such, this functionality will be an extra layer of protection to prevent mass surveillance eyes. The feature is now accessible for Android and iOS users. When the app is locked, you could reply from the notification shade and respond to WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp Two-Factor Authentication

Whatsapp came with the new privacy protection feature which acts as an extra layer of security to enhance security for user data. This is called Two-Step Verification. Everyone can allow this feature and protect their personal WhatsApp chats.

To allow this new feature of  WhatsApp, simply go to Whatsapp Settings >>> Account>>>Click on the Two-Step Verification button >>> Click on the Enable. You can set up WhatsApp on a new device at any time, after activating this. In addition to the OTP, the app will also ask you to enter the verification code in two steps. 

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