Did You Know You Can Adjust Keyboard Settings Without Any Program To Type Marathi, Hindi Or Any Language In Windows? (Video Attached)

How do you change the language on your keyboard?

Trying to find a way to modify the language of the keyboards in Windows? There are times you would have to execute this like buying buy a second-hand computer and you find out that the computer has a default language which is not English, changing the keyboard to some other language, or typing something in a different language rather than English. If you originated from a country that if without Marathi keyboard font that you can't communicate, do not worry for I will teach you how to change the language of a keyboard to your desire language.

Change Keyboard Language Without Any Program

Know how to adjust the language of the keyboard & use Marathi or other chosen language in all types of Windows Operating Systems. For Windows 10 users, you can modify windows 10 and windows 7 keyboard settings to type in any language. But how does one switch the language on your computer, or how to reset Windows 10 keys, or how to modify the language of windows? By changing some few options within Windows Control Panel, you could easily manipulate the keyboard language from French to English, US to the UK, etc. This you can do by adjusting your language and keyboard settings.

How do I change the input language in Windows?

You might be asking too many questions like how to change the keyboard language to Hindi in windows 7how to change the keyboard language to Hindi in windows 10, how to change keyboard language windows 10 shortcut, How do you toggle between languages on a keyboard? et cetera

How do I change my language on Windows 7?

1. Head Over To Control Panel

2. Search and open Region and Language

3. Head Over to the Keyboards and Languages tab

4. Tap on the Change Keyboards or other inputs methods

5. A New Window will open, Keyboards and Languages

6. Click on the Change Keyboards 

Change Keyboards

7. Select the language you want and click on + symbol 

8. Click on the Keyboard + sign just like you see in the number 7

9. Click on the box to check the preferred language you want. 

10. After making SURE you clicked on the box   

11. Click on Okay


This is the simplest way to make sure you change your keyboard settings to any of your preferred languages. But to clarify you more in case you didn't understand, I will attach below some video to help you out with the processes of how you can change your windows language.

How do I add an Indic keyboard in Windows 10? (Video Attachment)

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