Best 9 Blogger Communities To Promote and Start generating Huge Traffic To Your Website | Build Traffic to Your Websites (Latest)

If you're fresh to the blogosphere then cruising great content traffic to your website isn't an easy task at all. Improving traffic stats for every website is more complicated for the newbies to this blogging environment.

Promote and Start generating Huge Traffic To Your Website

Bloggers/Marketers who value blogging are considerably more likely to see a high rate of return on their investment, according to Hubspot. When nobody reads your blog post, how can you create those connections, or even drive more traffic to make sales? To make their first impression in this blogging world, the ones new to blogging have to rely on other referral traffic sources to increase website traffic fast for them.

Best Blogger Communities to encourage and launch large-scale of traffic to your website

In the process of trying to get authentic information as to solve this major lack of website traffic issues, many questions arise, they are; How do I drive traffic to my blog 2020? how to increase content engagement? What kind of websites get more traffic? Where do I submit my blog posts for traffic? etc

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. Guest blogging or blog commenting are the most common approaches used by frequent & highly skilled bloggers to boost online marketing traffic. But in the case that all you need is to target high referral traffic, concentrating on entering blogging communities where all of the bloggers meet is crucial.

Without low effort, these communities will help you to stand up smarter in the internet world. I want to connect you with some hardest-hitting blogging communities to boost your content and push free traffic to your website.

Best 2020 blogging communities to Boost your Blog post Traffic

Blogging communities are practically like social networks, where we can connect with many other blog writers, collaborate and push a decent amount of traffic to our blogs. Thousands of blogging communities do exist, but very few are great.


Klinkk is one of the best communities whose rule is simple. Sign up, vote on other blogs, share your content, and advertise your blog. 

Get quality traffic for your blog & generate new connections. Though Klinkk is a new blogging community, it is quickly becoming known. Bloggers can share their posts without having to pay a dime and get up-votes there too. Klinkk also makes it easier to comment and communicate with participants.


Medium goes with the "Motto" that states the "Digital world should be reward professional content", not clickbait. For this reason, Medium has built a better home for authors, journalists, and experts. It's easy to use, free of advertising, and connects to interested, enthusiastic readers. Sign up now and experience the wonders of medium community.

You will have to enjoy a positive result if you share your blog post or your content on Sharing your content in a great community leaves you with a super experience. Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss out.


Blogvin is a modern, very rapidly growing blogging community. It is built for serious bloggers, in which they can find their blog entries targeted audience.

LinkedIn Groups

The LinkedIn community is putting your shared blog content before fellow professionals. LinkedIn is one of the highly regarded social networks to share your content with bloggers. Not only can you get the best reviews but you can also interact with really professional leaders. The strongest environment for establishing relationships in the field.


LinkedIn is among the top blogging communities (you've got some dough to pay). It has a considerable number of members. Blog Engage provides you with the opportunity to upload your blog posts which will be taken into consideration by the members of the community and supported by visitors to its front page. Linkedin provides a great forum to connect with bloggers and serious-minded people in the same blogging business.


In the last few years, Kingged has gained reasonably good popularity. For bloggers, it's a one more way alternative. The members of the group are very active and supportive of the platform. This community's most impressive feature is, it provides an excellent monetary incentive for posting on other Kingged blog posts.


Bizsugar is yet another community that sends a vast number of community members to your website. The good news is that is FREE. You can publish your blog post, comment, and drive a strong traffic volume from this community. 

Submit your daily news, networking tips, latest blog posts, or updated information to the active business owners & admins of BizSugar, and those will agree and recommend the content you have posted.


You will come across many top bloggers in  Triberr Community. You should express your thoughts and opinions with them. The blogging community is really a fantastic place to get blogs and websites engaged in traffic.

Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog acts as a key place for bloggers to create unique content. The group also allows members to send RSS feed blog posts, and to build their own personal profile. It makes interacting with other bloggers easier too.

Bottom Line

Websites or blog posts will now be very easy to promote. There are many avenues & outlets for promoting your blog posts. Apart from common titles, the blogging community has much more to say. Joining different blogging communities can be a perfect way to experience high visibility. It can encourage the most amazing way of hitting the target audience and getting traffic for the posts.

So, if you'd like to maintain a successful blogger and create a brand reputation, it's optimal to share your blog post with different blogging communities for your blog post. You'll be delighted with the high traffic rate.


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