Are you Planning On Using Your Name As A Domain Name? If Yes, This Is For You

 Should I use my name as a domain?

So you have eventually chosen to start a blog but have a lot of struggle with the choice of a domain name?

You might have gone on a journey of asking too many questions regarding How do I choose a domain name for my personal website? How do I find a unique domain name? How do I create a catchy domain name? How do you come up with a creative name? etc yet to no avail. 

Domain name

Do not despair, for in this struggle you are not the only one. There are a lot of people in this situation, that is why our is here to tell you that using your name as your domain name has benefits and drawbacks. This topic is going to, of course, be a quick one. Let's head to the Pros and Cons of using your name as your domain name.

The Pros

1. Trademark  Or Personal Branding

You're your own brand and you can still use your name as your domain name if your intention is to develop you as a brand. You can be somewhat clever as well if your name is complicated, as you can use your first name + niche as your brand name.

2. Boosts Confidence

Having to use your name as a domain name will therefore raise morale as you become your own brand. People want to interact with strangers but it makes a lot of sense to know that the face behind that website is right in front of you.

3. Great for Profile Or Platform for resume

When you create your portfolios or website for Resume, using your name sounds logical. Admittedly, because of the same reason, a lot of freelance writers, developers and internet marketers tend to be using their name. It also meets branding requirements and helps draw additional customers to their business.

The Cons

1. Using Your Name As A Domain Name Might Not Pass The Domain Phone Test

I know you are surprised to read this. perhaps is your first time hearing that a domain should pass a phone test. The phone test for a domain name tests whether individuals can pronounce a domain name once they see it. To come to your website, they have to be able to write in your domain so it's vital that your domain name is unique and easy to read and spell.

2. For Future Purposes, You Might Find It Extremely Difficult To Sell The Domain

This is already self-explanatory and I want to believe that you already know what I am trying to say here. Below, I will attach a video that teaches how to get a unique and catch domain name... Do watch it


Are you one of those who have already used their names as their domain name without a proper checkup? Don't fret, this article is not to ridicule someone or cause them to feel terrible about their decisions. while you can, you still can make things right.

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