AIO Google Chrome: Did You Know If You Do This Right, Your Google Chrome Will Be A Lot Faster Than Before? (10001% Working)

 How do I optimize Chrome speed?

Google Chrome is the best browser to use if you really want browsing speed. If you're mainly concerned about Internet surfing speed and browser performance then you need to be interested in making Google Chrome faster to the peak.

How Can I Make Chrome Download Faster 2020?

Google's Chrome browser is the best but one of the problems is that it occupies a lot of space (Ram), therefore, making Chrome to crash and perhaps delaying one's work.  A Lag in dispatch is mostly the blame labeled on any slow browser. But Google has conveniently given us Chrome flags for fixing Google Chrome crashing & optimizing Google Chrome for smoother web surfing and enhancing your productivity.

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We've come to realize that the higher the rate at which chrome slows down your computer, the more depressed users tend to be. That is the reason why we have compiled this content to teach you how to stop chrome freezing.

Why Does my Google Chrome Load so Slowly?

Apart from your RAM getting too low, there is another popular reason why Google chrome load slowly on your computer and it could be this. If you have opened too many tabs on your Chrome, you can run into the Chrome slow problem. Because Chrome is the place where every tab opens its own process on your computer. These tabs will consume lots of resources, triggering the slow problem with Chrome

If you'd like to find out about how much resources your chrome absorbs, just open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl, Shift and Esc on your keyboard together. something like this will pop up. but whereby you think your chrome isn't absorbing much and you still face Chrome Freezing issues, don't worry because I am going to outline in this post all the solutions I know on how to resolve Google chrome slow down issues for a fast internet surfing.

How Do I Make Chrome Flags Faster?

Google Chrome would only be able to access and download files as swiftly as your internet speed enables. To assess the speeds rate you can anticipate on a network, use an optional browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. For testing purposes, a speed check website such can as well be beneficial.

The growing interest in knowing how to make Google Chrome faster, and improving the download speed of Google Chrome, below are the simple techniques and straightforward tweaks to enhance the pace of the Chrome browsing.

1. Clear Your Browser Cache

  Only clear & clean the browser cache to get all started anew before we go any further. 

Reduced disk space makes a sluggish run of the chrome. It leads to a reduction in virtual RAM consumption which owns and operates the Windows program at the optimum speed. If all of your browsing history and cached files are clear, the chrome will accelerate its performance.

To clear your browser cache:
  • Go to Chrome - Settings - Clear Browser Data 
  • "Clear browsing data" will pop out. 
  • Choose whatever you feel good but I suggest that you select the "Cached images and data" option. 
  • Make sure you have selected "frequency range" > > "Everytime" 
  • Reboot the chrome and all the unwanted data will be removed and the clean mode begins.

What happens if I clear my cache data?

The cache is a computer's storage location that preserves certain types of data. The purpose of this is to speed up the speed and smooth operation of your computer and to which how much data is processed and consumed. When you clear your browser's cached data, you remove the temporary files that are located there and you would be surprised to see how often this brief mindfulness works.

Clearing your Chrome browser Data resets the Chrome browser to its original form: it makes the browser behave as when it was first downloaded and enabled.

2. Use Chrome Default Theme

Google Chrome enables users to customize the browser such as the theme adjustments. But on the flip side, most themes use too much goddamn RAM that eventually causes slow browsing speed and output in chrome. 

The default chrome theme has been configured for faster browsing. And if you have some other style then I recommend you delete it as soon as possible.

To use the Chrome default theme:

  • Go to Chrome-Settings
  • Select "Reset to default" in "Appearance" segment
The default theme is a good way to optimize Chrome.

3. Please Check your Google Chrome for updates

You'll also need to scan for updates and see the new browser upgrade for your device to address popular chrome bugs. Try keeping chrome browser up-to-date to enable Google Chrome speed at its peak.

In addition, if your system uses the Windows 64-bit version, then I absolutely suggest you use Google Chrome 64 Bit version.

Google Chrome 64 Bit version

  • Upgrading to Chrome: 

  • Go to "Customize and Control Menu on Google Chrome" (3 vertical dots) 

  • Click the "Support" button 

  • Select "About Google Chrome" 
Now it will detect and install the updates to you automatically.

4. Delete Unnecessary Chrome Extensions If You Have Any

I understand that Chrome extensions help step up your game, but they typically slow Google Chrome and affect the efficiency of your browsing. By default, Chrome comes with some undesirable extensions you probably don't use. Not all but a few add-ons clogging up CPU time and gobbling up the RAM triggering sluggish operational activities so these add-ons need continuous monitoring.

Click "Shift+Esc" when using Google Chrome, the "Task Manager" window will appear, displaying tabs and RAM modules that have been enabled and which ones consume much Google Chrome Memory Footprint. Keep a close eye mostly on extensions you're already using I consider you erase or unactivated unnecessary chrome add-ons to enhance RAM usage in Chrome.

Google Chrome Memory Footprint
Google Chrome Memory Footprint

  • To delete Extensions to Chrome: 
  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Review the list, and tap on the junk icon if you find any needless. 
5. Use chrome://flags to Customize the Browsing Experience

When using the Chrome flags you can customize your user experience better.

The above Chrome flags are strictly EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES and even you may end up losing all your browser files in case of incorrect alteration, may rip your browser. And no need to panic, as default settings, can be reinstated at any time.

You can view flags in Chrome by hitting Chrome:/flags/ as seen on the image. After you made the necessary changes on the Chrome Flags, do not forget to hit on the Chrome Flags Relaunch Now button to apply to effect the necessary changes made.
6. Chrome Override Software Rendering list
what is chrome override software rendering list

Chrome Override software rendering list Allows you to compel the use of GPU acceleration even where it is prohibited, suppressing the default rendering program. practical if you want a GPU accelerated check of your website online app.
What is Chrome Override software
  • Head to: chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist
  • Click select "Enabled"
7. Experimental Accelerated 2D Canvas Features

Allows the use of Experimental Accelerated 2D Canvas Features, which means Chrome can execute certain actions that speed up plain content & image rendering.
Experimental Accelerated 2D Canvas Features
proceed to: chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-canvas-features
Click Select "Enabled"

8. Enable experimental QUIC protocol support

This allows support for the QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection) protocol. It is an advanced feature provided by reducing the number of links & transport latency to enforce security protection similar to TLS / SSL.
Quick UDP Internet Connection
  • Scroll to: chrome://flags/#enable-quic

  • Click Select "Enabled"
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